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A thesis on african literature

a thesis on african literature

However, the entries in the bibliography have been categorized in order to cast a light on the main issues and problems discussed in this field. This way, the discussions about some of the difficulties already hinted at are reflected in the bibliography.

Gikandi emphasizes the irony of this fact: While the majority of African writers were the products of colonial institutions, they turned to writing to oppose colonialism.2 This leads to various problems when dealing with African writings, especially when applying the viewpoint of postcolonial criticism, which. This collection of essays covers African novels written in European languages and Arabic. Griffithss overview of African writing is restricted to literature in English. He describes the development of East and West African English writing from the 18th to the 20th century and tries to explore the influence of Western patronage (e.g. He hints at the problems of writing a comprehensive collection of African literature as there are multiple traditions on the African continent. Read the ebook, table of Contents. Readers, Writers, and the Novel in Nigeria. Through missionaries and secular education) on African literature.