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Causes and effects of the civil war essay

causes and effects of the civil war essay

the industrial sector of the United States that much-needed boost. After the civil war of the north and south had united, black people were free and white and black people had been reconstruction. Brooks felt violated by Sumners Crime Against Kansas speech, which provoked the retaliation. The Cause And Effect Of Civil maths is fun or fear essay War History Essay. In this speech, Abraham Lincoln calls out the North by telling them that they are being hypocritical by claiming that they are conservative. Causes of the Civil War, great Secession. This act was passed and the Southerners and the Northerners eventually fought in this area and the enmity between the South and the North grew more intense. There were more than 3 million Americans joined the fought, and over 600,000 men, with 2 percent of the population of American died. In May of 1856, Congressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina entered the nearly empty senate chamber and beat Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner with a cane. Similarly, acts like the Morrill Tariff of 1861 and the National Bank Act of 1863, which were introduced just after the Civil War, played a crucial role in the development of the United States.

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In the later 1700s to 1863, slavery was an intricate part of the South. The Southern states were in favor of slavery, as they needed slaves to work as laborers on their fields. A very important english essay things to improve my cause of the cause of the American Civil War was the election of Abraham Lincoln. What followed was a brutal period of four years, wherein millions of Americans, especially youth in the age group of 20 - 30, lost their lives. 'Cotton is King' by James Hammond -The American Civil War was the war between the Southerners who where pro-slavery and the Northerners who where anti-slavery. However, in 1819 the issue came up should Missouri be admitted to the union as a slave state or a non-slave state since Missouri didn't lie on either side of the river. A very important geographical cause of the American Civil War was the great secession. These two different views are one of the major reasons that led to the Civil War. As a conclusion the civil war was mainly caused by the slave freedom, the underground road and also the election of president of Abraham Lincoln. Causes of the Civil War, causes for the outbreak of Civil War existed in plenty and one of the most prominent among them was the prevalence of slavery in the United States during this period.

The period of time after the Civil War is known as Reconstruction. During this difficult era, the Southern states were gradually admitted back into the Union and the areas destroyed during the. Effects of the Civil War The American Civil War had lots of negative effects to the South. The South had lost many of their towns, loot, and people.