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Courage to kill a mockingbird essay

courage to kill a mockingbird essay

little before this he was explaining to Scout the reason he defended Tom Robinson. It would be equally difficult to find someone that could match the genuine disposition of Tom or the valiance of Boo. The intentions of Atticus, Scout, and Boo Radley are to demonstrate attributes of courage. Atticus knows Tom Robinson is innocent and he wants the people of Maycomb to know, not caring about the consequences. Atticus black client that is accused of rape, Tom Robinson, also portrays courage in his composure and disposition. I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. When Bob Ewell comes in the door and sees this, Tom runs in fear and the Ewells fabricate a story in an attempt to become heroes after they win in court.

courage to kill a mockingbird essay

Many of the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird show courage in their own way.
Courage can come in many different forms: physical, mental, emotional and moral.
To Kill a Mockingbird, a novel that Lee only regarded as a simple love story, is much more than that.
This American classic incorporates powerful themes, one of which is courage.

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It can be understood that these people in Lee s life were only foundations for the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird in view of the abundance of courageousness found in the novel. Atticus Finch, the central figure of the plot, is the most noble and courageous character and this is easily seen through his actions. Our community acclaims those people who put their lives at risk through grave danger to prove there courage, but people often overlook courage isn t always shown through strength. He also has to gather the courage to go outside for a sizable amount of time. Dubose because she was mean to them and made fun of Atticus, but all she was doing was sticking up for her own beliefs no matter what anybody thought: After all those things she said about you, a lady? Scout narrates Atticus's courage, saying "He seemed to be expecting them" (151). He has never been in front of Scout and it must be extremely difficult for him to changes his ways after such a long time of being reclusive. He only appears at the very end of the novel in displaying his ultimate act of courage, but he how to quote a reference in an essay also shows courage in other parts of the book when he doesn t appear. Hes also telling her dont mind the talk or what other people has to say about it! Finch isn t the only reason why To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel that well portrays people and their acts of courage. In their minds, when Tom says he felt sorry for Mayella, he is putting himself above her, and a black could never be above a white person, no matter what the situation.