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Culture essay mind modern nationalism

culture essay mind modern nationalism

series, there is created an unbroken chain of which the individual links are firmly interlocked after an eternal divine plan. Usually this dialect belongs to a region more advanced economically and culturally, whose inhabitants on account of their higher mental development have also a larger vocabulary which gradually gives them a certain predominance over the dialects of others. Almost every great state has within its borders national minorities which it treats in this manner; the result is everywhere the same. It is this steady, enormous burden of the machine which weighs us down and makes our life a hell.

Nationalism and the Mind: Essays on Modern Culture Liah Greenfeld M: Nationalism and the Mind: Essays on Modern Culture

We meet the same phenomenon in the speech of every nation. With that his time was fulfilled. Otto Hauser, however, explains this patent confusion of the Germanic spirit as follows: "It is characteristic of the power hunger of Nordic man that he is able to employ all his force in every undertaking and unhesitatingly makes use of every means to an end. A tyrannical system of government may under certain circumstances be able to prevent an open outbreak of inner conflicts, as has been done currently in Italy and Germany; but one does not abolish internal conflicts by preventing the people from speaking about them. But although this abstract concept on which the democratic ideal is founded could only lead to results disastrous to the independence of human personality, it was surrounded by the aureole of a fictitious concept of freedom, whose worth or unworth was yet to be proved. Not without reason this revolutionborn politician of the highest rank remarked: The men of "natural right" are guilty of all. The fact is that in the whole tribe of the Bonapartes there was not a single condottiereneither in the line from Treviso nor in that from Florencethough probably there is Saint Bonaventura. The government too, responded with force. Gobineau stood squarely in the camp of the counterrevolution and made no bones about his purpose of attacking by his teaching "democracy and its weapon, the revolution." The slaveowners of Brazil and of the southern states of North America appealed also to his work.

M: Nationalism and the Mind: Essays on Modern Culture ( L iah Greenfeld: Books. Nationalism and the Mind has 8 ratings and 0 reviews. In this collection of Greenf eld s essays, we see her tackle the topic of nationalism from an array.

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