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Are serial killers born or made essay

are serial killers born or made essay

A murderer is considered a serial killer when they murder three or more persons in at least three separate events with a cooling off period between kills (Mitchell and Aamodt 40). But what drives some people to kill? But many of these victims did not have inadequate pre-oedipal experiences that strongly contribute to what forms a serial killer. About 30 of men have this so-called warrior gene, but whether the gene is triggered or not depends crucially on what happens to you in childhood. This is the reason why they pray on vulnerable victims such as children, young women, prostitutes, and or adolescents (LaBrode, 2007). The motive is psychological and consists of humiliating the victims. His arm would be in a sling, as if he was vulnerable, he asked women to help him carry his groceries to his car. Psychotic serial killers mostly tend to be either, schizophrenic or bipolar (Brogaard).

(Marshall and Cooke, The Childhood experiences of psychopaths). The motive in their adult life comes from repressed anger and uncommon personality traits which lead to criminal deviance.  According to James Fox and Jack Levin (19 serial killers are most always Caucasian males who are in their twenties or thirties. Children can be completely normal and.

The most obvious differences in the childhoods of the old man and the sea conflict essay psychopath criminals and non-psychopath criminals were in parental discipline, parental neglect, and negative school performance. One argument is that there is a set of factors that make people kill which are neurologic damage, abuse, and paranoid thinking (Pincus, Base Instincts). Cole experienced many life altering experiences as a child. The pre-frontal cortex is especially vulnerable. So she let her parents step in and raise young. They used the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised and the Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse to show how much the environment your surrounded with as a child can affect your adult life. But why does this happen? A study done by Lisa Marshall and David Cooke shows the differences between the childhoods of psychopath criminals and non-psychopath criminals.